I'm all about having fun and new experiences.

I believe that self expression is one of the only things that survives after our physical bodies have moved on.

How do people see you? How do you impact others? What about you inspires other people?

I believe in actively being inclusive and community oriented.

I want what I create, no matter what it is, to bring functionality, while also being sustainable to all forms of life.



Passion, sentimentality & practical life skills, are among the many things I would like to pass along to my daughter.

Silver Fern Handmade has grown out of the love of both of these favored elements, in the form of tangible self expression; never being able to ignore the beautifying impact each one has on our sense of well-being. 

I'd love to hear from you!

People & relationships, I believe, are the very most important things in life...get in touch with me at silverfernhandmade@gmail.com

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